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Sod Pallet – Wednesday, September 22nd

This product has been discontinued.

Sod Pallet – Friday, September 24th

This product has been discontinued.
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Sod Pallet – Thursday, September 23rd

The pallet of sod is 600 square feet–which is 60 rolls. The grass is known as “Barefoot Blue”, the most desirable grass that everybody wants for their lawn.

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This product has been discontinued.


The pallet of sod is 600 square feet–which is 60 rolls.

Available for pickup between the hours of 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. If orders are not picked up before close of business, your sod will be left outside of the gate to be hand loaded by you. Utah Sod Supply is not responsible for sod outside of the gate after business hours.

“Barefoot Blue” is the most common grass that people want in their yard. This is a blend with multiple types of the latest genetics of bluegrass and just a pinch of rye grass. Why rye? Rye grass helps with color, durability, and even some common disease that we face here in the west. So when you think of water fights, 4th of July and snow cones, think of Barefoot Blue!

Pros:  Color, soft, self-repairing, drought tolerant (you still have to water), and disease resistant (to some common diseases).

Cons: Not the best in shade, weekly mowing, higher fertility program (Two to three times per year)

Delivery cannot be ordered through this website. For delivery, please call (801) 676-5296. A delivery fee may be charged based on geography.


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